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Sunday, May 29

Childhood.... Memory or Fantasy?

I still remembered when I was a 6 years old girl, having a good friends to go to kindergarten and play everyday. We were Trio, two boys and I'm the only girl. They used to lived next door and back door (that I can say), and I was quite closed with the boy that lived behind my house because every time we're back from we will play together; just a few step from our back door (so near...hahaha)...

I was always came to his house through the back door and watched his late mother cooked and sometimes I even asked her to cooked for me...(hehehe..). We're always been together no matter where we go and me with the boy back door used to play 'that' together even though we're just a kid...(main tembak2 ok...)with a piece of wood, rubber string and cloth clipper we made a gun and cherry fruits as the bullet...(so nostalgic).

Not so long when I was 6 he had moved away after his mother died. I still remember helping him packing things (actually just playing for the last time) we had so much fun together not so long after that his father got married again and me with my other girl friend said that his step mother was evil and always torture him and his sibling (hahahaha... like Cinderella story) but its just kid thoughs, then we were invited to their house (if I'm not mistaken it was at Ipoh, Perak) for so long that we're not seeing each other only silent was our topic. the closed relationship become much further and stranger...(bile da besar msti la malu....hihihi)

I tried to remember his face but its blur... he once visited my house after moving out but I was so shy to see him even though he was closed, I thought we could play together but like a silent bird flew through us...we never did...(da lame ta jumpa msti la rse janggal kan? huhu...)

And now for sometimes I always think of him the moment we shared by played together, what a days.... And sometimes I felt that is it real memories or just my fantasies?. I wish I could turn back time to confirm it...

(p/s: saya selalu ingat kat awak, tapi saya tak tau la awak masih ingat saya ke x? awak pindah mase tadika so mesti awak lupe kan.. walaupun awak lupe saye harap ikatan persahabatan masih wujud bile kita jumpe lagi...)


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