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Saturday, May 7

Brian Joo - Love Is Over Now English Version

Feeling so empty without you beside me
What could have happened for you to just leave me
I don't know if I can't make it, I'm sorry
I'm trying hard to move on, on my own

Since you've been gone, I just can't go on
There's gotta be someway we can work this out
I barely holding on, wondering what went wrong
was it me or was this just a game

Everything is over now
Can't we try and make it work somehow
I never meant to let you go
oh girl, I need to know
We both know right here is where you belong

Can't believe you've gone
I can't make it one more day all by myself
What am I suppose to do
I can't get over you
This pain is breaking me down
Cause it's over now

just tell me why, why you said goodbye
I'm so confused, don't know what else I might try
I'm barely holding on, wondering what went wrong
Was it me or was this just a game

Just can;t believe that this is true
Still hoping you'll come back again
All I want, all I need is you here
But I let you go away


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